Descriptive analysis: why did 352 companies shut down?

Discovering meaningful patterns in business failures data.

Descriptive analysis: why did 352 companies shut down?

Every year, more than 75% of new and small companies from around the world shut down.

Just in the USA alone, more than 360,000 companies shut down every year (U.S. Small Business Administration, 2019).

"If failure is referred as failing to see the projected return on investment, then the failure rate is 70% to 80%. However, if failure is defined as declaring a projection and then falling short of meeting it, then the failure rate is a whopping 90% to 95%." (Professor Shikhar Ghosh, Management Practice, Harvard Business School)

Without a doubt, the rate of companies shutting down every year is staggeringly high.

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Last edited on 24 June 2021.