Who are your users or customers?

Essentially, the business-to-business (B2B) market segment we're serving are from the early stage of business life cycle, especially those who're still surviving in the 'valley of death'.

Image credit: Entrepreneurship, Canadian Edition by William D. Bygrave, Andrew Zacharakis & Sean Wise

Currently, our solutions offering primarily serve users who are in the ideation phase of early stage development:

  • business failure data-as-a-service: our database is a collection of analytical insights on business failures
  • idea validation: our idea checker analyses the uniqueness and competitive landscape of your intuitive business ideas to predict your estimated failure rate before you began your rigorous process of formulating your business models
  • cloud-based autonomous database: our database systems are built with AI and machine learning to automate data monitor, retrieval, wrangle, translation, and storage

Our customer segment includes aspiring and budding entrepreneurs (founders), micro-SMEs and SMEs, students, researchers, angel investors, early-stage venture capitalists (VCs), financial institutions, think-tanks and policymakers, media, and so on.

Founders, you can learn insightful hindsights on fellow founders' shortcoming and mistakes, understand your competitive landscape, find relevant potential investors, and refine your ideas to start or pivot your business.

Investors, you can discover critical data of companies from early-stage, growth-stage, and late-stage to make data-informed decisions on your scouting, screening, and due diligence process.

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Last edited on 16 March 2020.