Lack of Vision

What does lack of vision mean?

Without a long-term vision, your business will be harder to direct, strategize, and grow.

Signs of a business lacking a long-term vision are obvious:

  • lack of direction
  • little to no growth
  • indecision
  • costly delays

Definition of vision

According to, vision refers to the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.

It is a vivid mental image of what you want your business to be at some point in the future, based on your goals and aspirations. Having a vision will give your business a clear focus, and can stop you heading in the wrong direction.

A vision is looking forward and deciding what you or your business to become in the future. It provides a sense of purpose and direction or the business and helps define your short and long-term goals, and guide the decisions you make along the way.

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Last edited on 21 October 2020.