Is Flipidea GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are.

We're committed to strict user privacy because your privacy is important to us.

As you use our products and services, you're entrusting us with your information. This is a big responsibility.

Therefore, we strive to protect your information and enable you to be in control of your own data.

In general, we use the information we collect from you for the following purposes:

  • to provide our services;
  • to advance our research and development;
  • to maintain and ensure our services are working as intended;
  • to communicate with you about our services;
  • to develop new products and solutions to serve you;
  • to personalise our services for you that include personalised content, customised search results, and providing recommendations;
  • to market, promote and drive engagement with our services;
  • to use web analytics to understand how our services are used;
  • to protect our legitimate business interests and legal rights;
  • to provide customer support;
  • to improve the safety and reliability of our services.

A GDPR compliant privacy policy is crucial for our users and customers to make informed decisions about the information we collect and use in order to build better products and services to serve you.

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Last edited on 29 November 2019.