Last Friday night, I was invited by BAC Education to conduct a webinar on their Project Entrepreneur program, a great initiative to educate 10,000 entrepreneurs.

I had the honour to kick-start the course for 2021 with "how can learning from business failures help us compete creatively?"

Did you know that 'success + failure' learning = competitive insights?

"What is of greatest interest to us is not success or failure but the results, the characteristics of thought, decision making, planning, & hypothesizing." (Professor Dietrich Dörner, 1989)

In the presentation deck, I emphasized the importance of learning what-not-to-do from failure case studies, alongside learning what-to-do from success case studies and best practices. I also shared how (success + failure) learning of our competitive landscape will strengthen our Competitive Differentiation against our competitors.

*Disclaimer: Numerous excerpts were paraphrased from the books and articles as cited below in my presentation deck for your further reading.


Paul Lee, Co-founder & CEO, Flipidea

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By invitation, Paul occasionally conducts guest lectures and seminars on the topics of business management, tech innovation, startups, entrepreneurship, venture capital, and financial investment.

Last edited on 21 March 2021.