PODCAST: "Why startups shut down?" on Falsely Essential

Stop failing fast: analyzing failure, digging into, and discovering patterns that lead to the F! word is as important as researching your market deeper, before jumping on any project you have in mind.

PODCAST: "Why startups shut down?" on Falsely Essential


Our co-founder and CEO Paul was invited to join Francesco Rossi (General Partner, Levante Capital) and Carlo Beschi (Agile Coach) for a chat about 'why startups shut down?', and 'what can founders learn from the failure data?', on Falsely Essential.

This podcast was presented by Francesco Rossi and Carlo Beschi which was originally broadcasted by Falsely Essential on 30 April 2020.

More of their podcasts are on Falsely Essential, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.

Falsely Essential is a conversational podcast with Francesco Rossi from Milan and Carlo Beschi from London covering topics at the intersection of tech, entrepreneurship, and politics.

Last edited on 3 October 2020.