Investors' losses: examine bad investments to raise "smart money"
Investors' losses: examine bad investments to raise "smart money"

Flipidea 3.1.1 release notes

We're delighted to announce the release of Flipidea 3.1.1, which includes feature releases, new updates and issues fixes.

Released on 30 September, 1 and 6 October 2021 - by founders, for founders.


  • Competitive intelligence (competitive landscape): we analyze market trends for you to plot your competitors maps to gain competitive insights and create differentiated opportunities.
  • Shutdown data (investors' losses): we analyze loss on investments for you to examine bad investments and uncover insightful patterns to plan your fundraising strategies.


  • Database (data management): we added new data attributes, cleaned, and merged numerous datasets together for more insights.
  • Copywriting: we updated our products' descriptions and copywriting messages.
  • Pricing: our pricing information are updated.


  • UI/UX fixes: we're always improving for your better experience.

Issues and errors

  • Long waiting time: due to large datasets, our real-time analysis may take up to 3 mins to compute and show results; reason being, we're using text mining and data science to analyze your inputs.
    • It's important to note that we're improving our technologies to shorten the time as we progress forward with you.

What to expect in our next release on 22 October 2021

  • Simulation (pre-revenue business valuation): scorecard method and risk factor summation method.
  • Simulation: market sizing.
  • Data (shutdown data): discontinued products.

*Note: Features release schedule (2-3 weeks) is tentative and may subject to change.


  • If you want us to add new research questions, let us know.
  • If you wish to claim a company and/or profile to update or correct any information, please contact us.

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Last edited on 13 October 2021.