Flipidea 3.0.6 release notes
Postmortem analysis: using advanced analytics to draw unique insights from unstructured business failure data

Flipidea 3.0.6 release notes

We're delighted to announce the release of Flipidea 3.0.6, which includes feature releases, new updates and issues fixes.

Released on 24 August 2021 - by founders, for founders.


  • Serverless web application framework (https://app.flipidea.co/): we upgraded our web application framework to serverless architecture so that our platform supports fast growth, scalability, and cost efficiency, as well as to streamline data transfers.
  • Single login authentication: you no longer need to log in multiple times as we're now serving through a single serverless infrastructure.
  • Taxonomy of industry and categories: we developed a synergised taxonomy of industry and categories to index our large datasets of businesses at the global industry context.


  • Re-designed and unified serverless architectures: we adopted serverless computing to build and run both our static website and dynamic web application on a single serverless infrastructure to prevent slowness and latency in data transfers.
  • Review order form (for registered users): even though registered users are logged in but we don't want to risk any chances, so we require user tier validation for additional security protection.
  • Database (investors collection): we organised our investors collection for your ease of browsing - very-early stage, early stage, growth stage, late stage, and post-IPO stage.
  • Database (financial data collection): we've been preparing our large financial datasets (decades' worth) to be readable and presentable.
  • Dashboard (accessible via Menu): we turned www.flipidea.co into a static website (forever free) and moved our Dashboard button to the side nav bar, accessible via the Menu button.
  • Web security configuration: with our new serverless infrastructure, we had to upgrade our web security to fend off skynet's malicious bots attacks.
  • Tab renamed: we renamed Release Notes to What's New so people can easily find and read our latest updates, bugs fixes, and new releases.


  • Postmortem analysis (data visualisation - reasons for shutdown): fixed the back-end data processing and transfer issues, and now the chart works.
  • Thank you page (after payment): you paid, of course we must say, 'THANK YOU', right? 😛
  • UI/UX fixes: as usual, made some minor fixes here and there.
  • User login issue: we also resolved a user's login issue, she's happy now.

Issues and errors

  • Co-investors analysis: this is still under maintenance.
  • Funding sources: we're rebuilding the table feature for better experience.

What to expect in our next release on 27 August 2021

*Note: Features release schedule (2-3 week) is tentative and may subject to change.


  • The following features are currently under maintenance and improved versions will be released in time for our Startup Alley exhibition at TechCrunch Disrupt 2021:
    • Tools: idea checker 3.0 (idea validation)
    • Venture intelligence: co-investors analysis
    • Search
  • We're also aiming to release new features in time for the event:
    • Competitive intelligence: competitors landscape
    • Simulation: pre-revenue business valuation
    • Simulation: post-revenue business valuation
    • Data: companies' financial data
  • If you want to add new research questions unto our analytics, let us know.
  • If you wish to claim a company and/or profile to update or correct any information, please contact us.
Founder tickets still available to connect with potential investors, customers, talent, technologists and media from around the world for less than USD $100
Founder tickets still available to connect with potential investors, customers, talent, technologists and media from around the world for less than USD $100

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Last edited on 6 September 2021.