Claim extra 30% discount off discounted annual billing with early adopters promo code '100flipidea3x'
Claim extra 30% discount off discounted annual billing with early adopters promo code '100flipidea3x'

Flipidea 3.0.5 release notes

We're delighted to announce the release of Flipidea 3.0.5, which includes feature releases, new updates and issues fixes.

Released on 2 August and 11 August 2021 - by founders, for founders.


  • Loading animation (charts): good distraction while waiting for results.
  • Pop-up notification for restricted access (paid features): due to an oversight, you're now notified each time you're accessing paid features or features from other subscription plans.


  • Payment system (powered by Stripe): we secured our platform in order to activate the payment system. View pricing
  • Coupon system (early adopters promo code): we made it convenient for you to enter the promo code during your payment - by the way, use promo code 100flipidea3x to claim your extra 30% off discounted annual billing, only limited to first 100 customers!
  • Survey form: after payment, kindly share how you heard about us?


  • Postmortem analysis: we fixed the typos on the charts' labels.
  • Rewards credits: we temporarily removed this until further notice.

Issues and errors

  • Co-investors analysis: this is still under maintenance.
  • Funding sources: we're rebuilding the table feature for better experience.

What to expect in our next release on 20 August 2021

  • Integration and unification of our serverless architectures (static website & dynamic web application) and front-end web frameworks
  • Upgraded taxonomy of industry and categories to classify businesses
  • Single login system for our platform

*Note: Features release schedule (2-3 week) is tentative and may subject to change.


  • Important notice: we moved our Idea Checker (under Tools) and it's still under maintenance, so we seek your kind patience.
  • We're adding more research questions to our analytics so do let us know if there are any research questions you'd like us to add.
  • If you wish to claim a company and/or profile to update or correct any information, please contact us.

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Last edited on 26 August 2021.