We're now a startup intelligence empowering founders to analyse, validate and innovate
We're now a startup intelligence empowering founders to analyse, validate and innovate

Flipidea 3.0.0 release notes

We're delighted to announce the release of Flipidea 3.0.0, which includes feature releases, new updates and issues fixes.

Released on 18 June 2021 - by founders, for founders.


  • Cloud server migration: we've relocated our cloud server to Europe, serving our users in North America and Europe with faster loading speed.
  • Front-end development web framework: we adopted a new front-end technology with improved performance and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to build and deploy superfast, user friendly, and scalable web applications for you.
  • Back-end API management: we also adopted a new back-end API management technology with edge-to-cloud synchronisation to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure our APIs at scale.
  • Data retrieval: we'd collected many more company information and financial data which we're in the midst of cleaning and preparing for your view and analysis.
  • Idea checker ("feedback system"): we're improving our idea checker's result output mechanism with educational feedback.


  • Unique value proposition (UVP): we upgraded our UVP - We're serving aspiring and early-stage founders who are dissatisfied with expensive tools and saturated data by leveraging data science to discover insights from business failures. Unlike our competitors, Flipidea's affordable startups intelligence platform empowers founders to analyse, validate, and innovate their business.
  • One single environment (front-end framework): we merged unto one single environment for a smoother user experience.
  • Marketing narrative: we updated our marketing narrative according to our newly re-positioned UVP for our products, about, and contact pages.
  • Footer (Customer Value Proposition): we made minor changes to our footer that includes our CVP message - Founders, we know you value insightful data and intelligent tools. This is why Flipidea's affordable startup intelligence is great value for you because you'll learn to reduce costly mistakes, make prudent strategies, compete innovatively, and fundraise strategically.
  • Renamed sub-tabs (side navigation bar & footer): we renamed the sub-tabs of our solutions and our products according to the new solutions-&-products offering under our new UVP.
  • Business valuation simulator (pre-revenue & post-revenue with dilution): Jossh have been researching and developing the models of the various valuation methods for our tech team to build.
  • Database (data cleansing & data alignment): we've been cleaning and organising our new collection of datasets.
  • Investment research and analysis with data science: Qilah has been exploring our investment datasets for meaningful insights.
  • Disclaimer: our updated disclaimer is not as boring as it sounds.

Issues and errors

  • Front-end development web framework: we encountered some issues which are affecting the user authentication of our login system, as well as some of our other web pages.
  • User authentication (login system): our login system will work once the front-end system issues are fixed, and we're also completing our single sign-on authentication system for a swift login experience.

What to expect in our next release on 2 July 2021

  • Single sign-on authentication
  • New design: company page (detail view)
  • Data retrieval: more datasets

*Note: Features release schedule (2-3 weeks) is tentative and may subject to change.


  • Important notice: we're currently fixing our issues and will update as soon as they are resolved, we therefore seek your kind understanding and patience.
  • If you wish to claim a company and/or profile to update or correct any information, please contact us.

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Last edited on 27 September 2021.