Flipidea 2.0.8 release notes

Flipidea 2.0.8 release notes

We're delighted to announce the release of Flipidea 2.0.8, which includes feature releases, and new updates.

Released on 20 February 2020 - by founders, for founders.


  • Database tier (registered/non-registered users): we built our database tier to limit non-registered users' access to only 500 inactive companies, and only registered users will have access to 5,000 inactive companies.
  • Database (show/hide): we now can control which companies to be shown or hidden from our collections in our databases.
  • Database (157 inactive companies; shown): we added 157 inactive companies (shown) to our live.database (previously, 192 inactive companies), and currently a total of 349 inactive companies are published on our site.
  • Database (1,577 inactive companies; hidden): we also added 1,577 inactive companies (hidden) to our live.database (in total of 1,926 inactive companies) for our competitive analysis and idea validation.
  • Categorical listing (database): we organised our datasets in categorical listings for the ease of viewing and browsing, but will only be implemented on the front-end in our next update.
  • Pagination: we rebuilt our pagination to enable a faster and smoother browsing experience.


  • Database (inactive/active condition): we implemented the inactive/active condition to all of the companies within our databases.
  • Information update (Data-as-a-Service): we updated our generic information to clarify that Flipidea is a 'Data-as-a-Service platform offering analytical information about business failures'.
  • Idea checker button (top navigation bar): we changed the name of our failure rate calculator with 'idea checker' for better user adoption.
  • Idea checker (instructional texts): we clarified our instructional texts on our idea checker to better guide our users.
  • Got an intuitive business idea (call-for-action): we changed the call-for-action message from predict its failure rate to 'validate your idea'.
  • Date format: we standardised our date format in order to automate the calculation of each companies' lifespan (duration of operation).
  • Products (menu and footer): we unveiled the products (info only) that will be offered, which we are still in development (coming soon).
  • Solutions (menu and footer): we unveiled the solutions (info only) that will be offered, and connected our former ML Database page with 'Post-mortem Analysis' page and Failure Rate Calculator page with 'Idea Validation' page.
  • Disclaimer (footer): we updated our information to reflect that Flipidea is a DaaS platform.

Issues and errors

  • Search: due to our new pagination, our search feature is not completely configured and is currently deactivated.
  • Idea checker: due to our new pagination and increase of companies data, our idea checker is currently under maintenance for a better and faster computational experience.
  • Filter buttons (reasons for failure, industry,categories, city, state, country): due to our new pagination, our filter functions are currently not available because they have not been configured.
  • Date format (duration): the date format are not entirely uniformed, and so the automated calculation of the companies' lifespan could not be computed.


  • we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused from our issues and errors due to the incomplete builds and configuration, new addition of data, and our careless data management.
  • we are working to resolve these pending issues which we will update our fixes as fast as we can over the coming days.

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Last edited on 10 August 2020.