Flipidea 2.0.18 release notes

Flipidea 2.0.18 release notes

We're delighted to announce the release of Flipidea 2.0.18, which includes feature releases, new updates, and issues fixes.

Released on 24 June 2020 - by founders, for founders.


  • Citation policy: due to numerous requests, we shared our guidelines to help you properly cite our analytical reports and use of our data.


  • Web security upgrade: we enhanced our security to fend off skynet's bots from attacking and harming our site.
  • Data monitor-&-retrieval upgrade: although Flipper our AI bot is a far cry from GPT-3 but he'd completed high school and is now capable of independent learning, as well as recognising amorphous materials.
  • Cloud infrastructure maintenance: in our commitment to serve you seamlessly, we had to improve our data processing pipelines.
  • Descriptive analysis (additional 4 charts): we made the remaining 4 charts available for your viewing - what were the lifespans of the companies, how many employees did the companies hire, what were the total funding amounts raised by the companies, what is the gender statistics among the companies' founders.


  • Competitors and similar companies (detailed-view): we made some minor fixes on the interface to look more presentable.

Issues and errors

  • Advanced search (city, state): due to the covid-19 pandemic, our cities and states remain locked down as it's too dangerous to travel now while we practice physical distancing by staying at home.
  • Filter buttons (city, state): since we're all staying at home, we can't explore and visit other cities and states.

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Last edited on 10 August 2020.