Flipidea 2.0.11 release notes

Flipidea 2.0.11 release notes

We're delighted to announce the release of Flipidea 2.0.11, which includes feature releases, new updates, and issues fixes.

Released on 26 March 2020 - by founders, for founders.


  • Banner (GIF image): we'd uploaded a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format, aka animated image) image to showcase our solutions on our banner.


  • Database (48 inactive companies; shown): we'd shown 400 inactive companies up to page 20 on our site.
  • 'Top 10 reasons why startups shut down' chart: we moved the chart to below the banner.
  • Copyright ownership: we transferred our copyright ownership from ACTi Hub to Flipidea.


  • Notification and error messages: we fixed the font size and message layout for our notification and error messages.
  • Company logo: we fixed the padding issue for our companies' logos.

Issues and errors

  • Search: our basic search is still not fixed and remains unavailable.
  • Filter buttons (city, state, reasons for failure): we were not able to complete fixing these buttons and are currently unavailable.


  • Our industry and categories buttons can only be filtered separately.
  • Meaning to say, if you're filtering the companies by clicking on the 'industry' button, and you're not able to continue filtering by clicking on the 'category' buttons.
  • In order to filter the categories, you'd need to return to previous page and click on the 'category' buttons, and you're also not able to continue further filter the companies as you desire.

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Last edited on 10 August 2020.