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While we encourage you to use our resources for your research or other non-commercial purposes, we want to ensure that our Content is afforded proper citation as detailed below in all cases where it is used publicly or internally within your organisation.

If you are unsure about how to cite a source or would like written approval for a specific use that is otherwise prohibited, please seek our approval by emailing us at


Flipidea provides the Content on Flipidea ( and Flipidea Viewpoints ( as free open resources as a public courtesy. Any term that is capitalised but is not defined in this Citation Policy is defined in the Terms of Service.

All paid and exclusive research and reports created by Flipidea Pro are intended to be used internally by our customers. From time to time, customers and third parties will request to cite from the research in internal and external materials. Therefore, we prepared the following guidelines and rules.

Citation Guidelines

If you publish any material based on any findings and/or datasets obtained from our and, then all citations of Flipidea must be attributed in the following or any major citation styles.

APA style citation

We suggest the following pseudo-APA style citation format:

With author:-

Lee, P. (2020). Why Did 500 Startups Shut Down? Retrieved 15 June 2020, from

With no author:-

Flipidea Viewpoints (2020). Glossary of Business Failures. Retrieved 15 June 2020, from

Harvard citation

We suggest the following Harvard citation format:

With author:-

Lee, P. 2020. Why Did 500 Startups Shut Down?, viewed 15 June 2020, <>.

With no author:-

Flipidea Viewpoints 2020. Glossary of Business Failures, viewed 15 June 2020, <>.

Oxford citation

We suggest the following Oxford citation format:

With author:-

Lee, P., 'Why Did 500 Startups Shut Down?', Flipidea Viewpoints,, (accessed 15 June 2020)

With no author:-

Glossary of Business Failures, Flipidea Viewpoints,, (accessed 15 June 2020)

Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) citation

We suggest the following IEEE citation format:

With author:-

P. Lee, Why Did 500 Startups Shut Down?, Flipidea Viewpoints, June 14, 2020. Accessed on: June 15, 2020. [Online]. Available:

With corporate author:-

Flipidea, Out of Stealth, Flipidea Unveils Its Business Idea Checker, Flipidea Viewpoints, PGGMB Building, B.S.B., Brunei Darussalam, Aug. 22, 2019. Accessed on: June 15, 2020. [Online]. Available:

With no author:-

"Glossary of Business Failures," May 20, 2019. Accessed on: June 15, 2020. [Online]. Available:

Note: where there is no author, use the web source title enclosed in double quotation marks.

BiBTeX citation

We suggest the following BiBTeX citation format:

author = "Lee, Paul",
year = "2020",
title = "Why did 500 startups shut down?",
url = "",
institution = "Flipidea Viewpoints" }

General Guidance

We uphold integrity, transparency, objectivity, and strict adherence to rigorous research methodologies as our core values and best practice at Flipidea and our corporate affiliates.

Primary publication

In cases where there is a primary publication about the specific resource, kindly cite both the publication and the specific Site. Citation of the primary publication is essential when citing the resource in a scientific publication. If in any case where it is not feasible to cite the primary publication, and only in such cases, the Site citation is sufficient on its own.

Integrating our data in a website

When integrating our data into a website, for example, using our Flipidea Pro application programming interface (API), kindly cite the source in a manner that is clear, accurate and easily discoverable and link to the source. Moreover, please be sure that our Content is never displayed in the absence of such citation.


Due to the growing acknowledgment of our work, we are receiving more permission requests from our audience, media, VCs, corporate and individual blogs, and so on.

The following guidelines set forth the rules for such usage:

  • Do not use our data and statistics without citing us. For any usage of our charts, graphs, and infographics, please cite us with "Source: Flipidea". If you do not understand any of our research findings or arguments, please email us at for clarification.
  • Do not use, modify and/or republish our charts, graphs, and infographics without proper attribution. If you are publishing your content online, kindly attribute the source by creating a hyperlink to any specific Flipidea sites.
  • Do not republish our entire or substantial research papers, analytical reports, blog articles, newsletters, and so on, without our permission. You can excerpt our work but please email us at if you are seeking permission to republish the entire or substantial parts of our work.

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Last edited on 17 June 2020.